Esprit E-Commerce platform is the fastest!

First place in the e-fashion loading speed ranking.

TextilWirtschaft and Bagend, an e-commerce service provider based in Hamburg, examined the 50 top-selling online stores in the fashion industry. They focused on the page loading process, how long the main content of a website takes to load, also called LCP (Largest Contentful Paint).

Esprit's e-shop comes off as the fastest in the ranking.

It takes a maximum of 2.5 seconds for 90% of the page views to load. The loading time of websites has a great influence on customer satisfaction and affects the bounce rate or even the filling of the shopping cart.

Customer satisfaction is Esprit's top priority. With the help of multiple search options, filters and special landing pages on campaigns, Esprit serves its customers an inspiring shopping experience. For us, it is important that our customers are treated equally everywhere and offered the same options. For this reason, the e-commerce platform provides extra services and curated content around the styles.
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