Choosing the right materials is an essential part of our circular fashion strategy, as our ultimate goal is for the materials we use to continually sustain the fashion cycle.

We select more sustainable materials that promote circularity whenever possible. In FY19/20 we produced more than 65 million pieces of which more than half of were already made with sustainable materials.

Choosing more sustainable materials means selecting high quality materials that are ethically sourced, emphasizing recycled materials and considering whether materials and finished garments  lend themselves to recycling or to a decomposition process that nourishes the environment. 

Therefore, we have established a Policy on Raw Materials and Animal Welfare. In this policy, you can find more details about our guidelines and standards.

Esprit is a member of Textile Exchange

Fiber Share Based on Shell Fabric (July - December 2020)

As the below reviews the winter season only, there is a slight shift to less cotton and more synthetic fibers since more technical outerwear is sold in the winter months. 

Man-made cellulosic fibers
Synthetic leather
Alternative leather tanning