Esprit joins the Fair Labor Association 

Social responsibility has always been part of Esprit’s DNA. The fashion brand is genuinely concerned about fair labor conditions in its supply chain and regularly visits Tier2 factories to ensure highest social standards. And so it seems like the obvious step for Esprit to have joined the Fair Labor Association (FLA). The FLA brings together organizations and other brands to protect workers’ rights.

Kristina Seidler-Lynders, Manager Social & Environmental Sustainability at Esprit and Bayramhan Boyer, Global Social Sustainability Manager at Esprit, traveled to the FLA in Washington to explain Esprit’s ambition to become part of the Association. The two sustainability experts were convincing and are excited to now call the FLA their strong partner to improve conditions and to protect workers’ rights.

Together with other fashion brands such as Adidas, Hugo Boss and s. Oliver Esprit has committed to ensure fair labor practices and safe and humane working conditions throughout their supply chains.