New look for Esprit store in Beijing

Fashion lovers in Beijing can now encounter a totally new Esprit shopping experience: a store concept with a minimalistic, Nordic look and feel that focuses on the essentials – moving the customer to the heart of the shopping situation and presenting the fashion in the best possible way. The new store concept guarantees customers leaving Esprit inspired, surprised and full of joy.

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(Shopping) batteries can be recharged at the social hub
 A major change of the new store concept are the re-imagined cash desks which have been moved to the middle of the selling space to form a social hub. The idea behind it is to give customers the option to stay, converse and relax around the cash desks to ensure they have the best possible associations with Esprit when leaving the store totally stress-free.

All eyes on the product

The clean and open presentation brings the product into full focus. Key pieces and product themes stand out and allow to create stories around the collections and encourage exploration. Colored acrylic panels which are placed against the walls are used to specially position collection highlights. A further element of design is the visual horizontal line throughout the entire store. It is made up of tiled backdrops and radiates calmness as well as it supports the modern graphic image of the store. The full length of the big window façade is covered in big iconic letters forming the Esprit logo and at the same time reveals an attractive view into the store.

The new store concept combines the brands iconic past with a new contemporary handwriting that revitalizes its founding spirit. While elements of the new store concept are now being tested it remains exciting which further stores can look forward to a concept makeover.